Ann Moore
Areas of Practice
Land Use & Planning Environmental Law Gov. Relations Redevelopment Law Port Commissioner
Ann Moore
Land Use and Planning

An effective land use lawyer maintains a broad knowledge of many interrelated disciplines in order to facilitate a winning outcome for their clients. A land use attorney understands that the land entitlement process consists of many important and interrelated components. Superior knowledge and experience are needed to successfully complete a complicated entitlement project.

Compliance with rigorous local, regional, and federal authorities can be exceedingly complicated and time consuming. Mastering a thorough understanding of the many interconnected relationships inherent in this process, including planning and implementation, is paramount. Successful interaction with a broad group of interested parties including land owners, developers, city planners, elected officials, environmental interest groups and the community is a trait of a seasoned land use attorney.

Ann has all the requisite finely honed skills of a successful land use attorney. Her technical legal expertise includes broad and extensive experience preparing and negotiating complex agreements, assisting communities with general and specific plans, advising on compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and establishing mechanisms for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. She has assisted her clients in annexation/de-annexations matters, inverse condemnations, and Subdivision Map Act issues.

Ann has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained from participation in the process at the highest level. Utilizing a government perspective, she provides her clients with practical understanding of the entitlement process and goal oriented solutions for the successful completion of the entitlement process for either the developer or the municipal agency.

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